Download and Watch The Broncos @ Bears Preseason Game on Your Computer

WAIT!!!!! If you have NFL Network, don’t waste your time downloading all this stuff. The game is going to be re-aired 1 AM ET Thursday night (technically Friday morning on the East coast.) Anyways, watch it or Tivo it instead of this if you have NFL Network. Even if you don’t have NFL Network, you can watch it online here. Otherwise…..

As I work on getting recordings of Broncos football games onto the website, you can download and watch the Broncos @ 49ers Week 1 Preseason game yourself. Here is how.

1) Go to and create an account by clicking the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page.

2) You will need to confirm your email in order to complete your registration. Once you have done that you will need to download BitTorrent.

3) Once you have downloaded BitTorrent, you can download the Broncos game here.

4) when you have downloaded the game, open it with BitTorrent and wait for it to save on your computer.

5) Once the download has been completed, watch your game.

Please note that this is only temporary. I plan to have previously played Broncos games on the website by Week 1 of the regular season. I have been asked to put them up and I am working on it. For now you can use this method if you want to watch the game. It is a little complicated and may not be worth the hassle, but you will be able to watch the game this way. Anyways, I should have this figured out soon enough and watching old games should be as easy as clicking a play button on the site.

I’ll stop rambling now. Enjoy the site! The satisfaction of your guys’ satisfaction has been great!.


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