Time to Take a Bow: Shutting Down the Site

Well guys, I’m really sorry. I have chosen to shut down the site for the sake of my own safety.

It sucks. I loved having the site and knowing that a guy in France could watch his favorite NFL team because I showed him how. OR even that the average Joe like me who didn’t want to pay for NFL Ticket had a way to watch the games.

I have been contacted by Broncos staff and they have advised me to shut down my site. I would hate to get into legal trouble with the NFL as I would probably be screwed. So as much as I love running this site, I love myself more.

Those of you who gave donations, I will gladly return. Please send me an email about it.

Now some good news.

If you send me an email at watchyourbroncos@yahoo.com, I will add you to my address book and we will share our links privately.

I hope that makes it a little better.

I also want you to know that I was doing nothing but showing you where to go. I just took other people’s streams and added a chatbox next to them. You can do this on your own, it just won’t be as easy.

Here are some sites I recommend for finding games:


I want to apologize and say thanks because I had a great time doing this for people.

Don’t forget to send me an email!


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6 Comments on “Time to Take a Bow: Shutting Down the Site”

  1. Reidman Says:

    This SUCKS!! Well, thanks for the effort and dedication. Great while it lasted but completely understandable. Don’t mess with the NFL…

  2. Adam Says:

    What a shame. We all appreciate the effort Taylor. Shooting links to email addresses would obviously be appreciated also. Thanks a million for your efforts!!

  3. Next Champ Says:

    A bro…send me a link to the best feed you can find plzzz on gameday and let me know if there’s a password…thanks bro…later

  4. Uherriss Says:

    damn this sucks i was looking forward to watching todays game … oh well appreciate all you did … hit me up with a link if you can

  5. Next Champ Says:


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